Azimut Holding Case Study

The Azimut Group has been, for over 25 years, the most important independent company in asset management field in Italy.

The Wealth Management Division.

The WM division of the Group was founded in 2008 and is aimed to clients with important assets. The Wealth Managers operating in this division are independent professionals, who have built their wallets over time, often starting from other companies. The WM professionals have chosen Azimut both for the freedom that the Group grants them in managing their clients and for a range of dedicated services for the most demanding clients.


The first brochure.

In 2015 Vincenza Belfiore, one of the top ten women in Italy in terms of managed assets, entrusted us to design her brochure. The aim was to create a tool to be given to the PROSPECTS (as new clients are called in the financial field) on the occasion of exclusive events organised throughout the year. In agreement with Azimut marketing, the brochure could be released from Azimut’s BRAND IDENTITY, with the exception of the back cover.

The idea.

Observing the topic of asset management, we noticed a rather interesting figure. Women perform better than men (in asset management).

We built the idea based on this concept: to emphasize – for every aspect of management – those aspects of everyday life where women are more gifted, or sensitive, or simply better than men.

All this with irony, an ingredient usually unseen in the financial sphere.

“Maybe” we have created the world’s first financial advisory brochure, and in Mauro I found empathy, personality, creativity, focus and excellence in detail. I’m proud to have worked with you and your team!
Vincenza Belfiore

Wealth Manager, Head of Private Insurance Solutions, Azimut Holding SpA

Discover Personal Branding.

In December 2015, the Belfiore brochure was presented to the entire Wealth Managers’ team at the Group Convention, achieving great success. Thus, Azimut decided to facilitate the creation of personal brochures for anyone who wanted to participate in the project.

From January 2016 until December 2017, we have designed five more brochures. Each with its own strong personality, which reflects the outstanding qualities of the individual asset manager. We therefore started exploring what is now known as PERSONAL BRANDING, that is communication applied to the individual rather than to the company.

The creative process.

Brochures are strongly characterized around the managers themselves, who become the real protagonists of story. Each idea was presented with a draft that, though sketched, provided a very precise idea of the final result.

bike and dog sketch
bike and dog

Always a sportsman.

The idea was born from Mauro Migliorati’s passion for sport. Often also extreme sports, from bungee jumping to hang-gliding, from mountaineering to motorcycling and cycling. Sports he has always practiced, but always in safety.

The idea was therefore to create a strong contrast between the dangerousness of extreme sports and the maniacal attention to safety in dealing with them, creating a relationship with the financial field: wherever there is training, knowledge and solid nerves, you can face even the most difficult challenges, without taking unnecessary risks.

In sport as well as in the financial field, for Mauro Migliorati safety comes first.

The things that struck me the most about Mauro are his creativity and talent – combined with the ability of execution – all things that make him a serious and reliable professional. Thank you for the wonderful job we have accomplished together.

Mauro Migliorati

Wealth Manager, Azimut Holding SpA

girl looking outside the window sketch
girl cold
girl laying on a sofa sketch
girl looking outside the window
girl cold sketch
woman on a sofa

The sixth sense.

The human element still makes a difference in the setting up and management of every financial asset. This is the concept around which we built the brochure for Fulvia Beltrami.

To the five senses of the human being, we have added one, belonging to Fulvia: the sense of responsibility towards her clients.

The american dream.

Francesco Panico deeply loves America and the values it represents.

We therefore thought it was a good idea to convey through “images” this philosophy of life, with a hint of irony.

International Vocation.

For Aldo Varenna’s project, we were inspired by the role he plays in the international context where, among other positions, he has been Vice President of EFPA Europe since 2014. In order to better express this aspect, but also to underline the value of TRADITION, which for Aldo is a key element, we have imagined his offices as open windows on the most important financial markets worldwide.

From his office in Monza, we see the Empire State Building in New York, from the offices in Milan, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the City of London or the towers in Shanghai. Always in the background, in some images even blurred, as if to underline the fact that the important element is not WHERE, but HOW, and above all WHO.

In December 2016, Aldo Varenna suddenly passed away. Ciao, Aldo.

Leisure time.

On our first meeting, in which we usually do an interview to get to know each other better, one thing struck us most of all: Salvatore Di Salvo told us that ever since he was young he tried to find at least one day of vacation, during the week, in addition to the weekend of course. And often he did.

His idea was to work not only to earn money but also, and above all, to gain time, which he would use for himself or with his family. It is from here that we started to tell the story of Salvatore Di Salvo.


Dear Mauro, I would like to thank you for the great attention you have given to my needs, and for your active listening to my peculiar characteristics. It is thanks to this positive, participatory and engaging attitude that it was possible to achieve a very good end result, in which I fully recognise myself.

Salvatore Di Salvo

Wealth Manager, Azimut Holding SpA

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