ICF Office Case Study

ICF Office is a leading Italian company in the production of office supplies, in particular chairs and tables.

The first task.

We started working for ICF in spring 2014. The client’s need was to produce a video that best explained one of its most important products: the STICK CHAIR. The STICK CHAIR is a  multi-purpose seating modular system, designed for different environments: depending on the configuration, it can be used for a wide variety of spaces, from meeting rooms to executive offices, from training rooms to libraries, hotels and conference rooms.

Often, the final customer could not fully understand the overall potential of the chair.

The goal.

The aim was to create a video that best expressed the concept of MODULARITY: to do this we decided to create a 3D animation, which would allow us to show the many possible configurations of the chair.

Stylistically, we “sketched” the spaces outlining the interiors by free-hand, creating a strong contrast with the CHAIR, in continuous transformation. The result was that, on the one hand we “warmed” the 3D animation making it less technical, on the other we gave strong emphasis to the CHAIR, as the main character of the story.

Partnership continues.

Towards the end of 2014, the client asked us if we  felt like facing a strategic job for them. To develop an ON-LINE CONFIGURATOR.

The ON-LINE CONFIGURATOR is a very specific topic that requires two types of skills: 3D modeling and the development of customized management software. For the 3D modeling, despite the complexity and large number of models to deal with, we immediately accepted the challenge. On the other hand, in spite of our internal expertise, for the software development we decided to rely on an external partner with whom we have been collaborating for years, for the most complex projects.

After more than 4 months of work, dedicated both to the rendering of the images of the PRODUCTS and to the development of the SOFTWARE, we were able to create a system that handles, still today, several million combinations for every single CHAIR.


Since spring 2015, the ON-LINE CONFIGURATOR has become an essential tool for our entire sales network. In a few seconds we can choose together with our customer the configuration he prefers, and save it directly to PDF.

Federica Poidomani

General Manager, ICF Office S.p.A.

Salone del Mobile di Milano, 2015.

For the launch of a new chair, PYLA MESH, we were asked to make a video to show the main features of the product, to be presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, and after this in showrooms.

For this Salone, in addition to the video for Pyla Mesh, we produced other videos with the same style but for different seats, already available in the ICF collection.

The restyling of paper material.

At the beginning of 2016, we were set with a new task. To restyle the product BROCHURE and LEAFLETS. The client’s requirement was to comply with the guidelines that have always distinguished ICF: simplicity, elegance and quality.

In compliance with the BUDGET, to express quality in particular, we suggested to the customer to use special processes such as SCREEN PRINTING and PANTONE METALLIC COLORS, which define the different product lines.

As far as possible, we tried to create continuity with the existing VIDEOS, using the same graphic elements such as ICONS, WIRES and GEOMETRIC SHAPES.

Orgatech, 2016.

Orgatech is the most important European event in the office furniture market, which takes place every two years in Cologne, Germany. For the 2016 edition, the ICF marketing department asked us to produce 4 new videos to tell the story of their table/desk NOTABLE product, to be shown on 4 different screens located in various areas of the exhibition stand.

In this case, the challenge was to make 4 videos that were different in content, but similar in style. Together with the client, we thus identified 4 KEY WORDS: Dynamic, Multispace, Well Being, Traditional Office, around which we built the story.

Also in this case we pursued the idea of creating “freehand” environments, the ICF leitmotif, in a mixed 2D/3D animation context. At the end of the event, we produced a complete version of the 4 videos, to be used both in showrooms and online.

The new website.

2017 is the year in which we were assigned the task of restyling the institutional ICF website. The website had been created several years earlier by a software house, which had developed a fully customized BACK END. The request was to completely redesign the FRONT END, i.e. the graphic aspect, maintaining and integrating, where it was necessary, the existing BACK END. The challenge was therefore very complex, because developing on a platform built by others is never easy. However, the website was released with full functionality within the first half of the year, complete with the new layout and new BACK END functionality.

ICF Office screenshot

I appreciate your talent and commitment. I especially appreciate your attention to listening: this is why I like working with you. Because there is no conflict of ideas but, on the contrary, sharing.

Federica Poidomani

General Manager, ICF Office S.p.A.

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