Why choose us.

In less than 10 years, we have already worked for more than 50 small and medium-sized enterprises, but also with large multinational companies.

DOTTCOM is a shining example of an agency that is able to reflect professionally on customer ideas and needs. These are “heard and recognized”, and creatively converted into great results. Existing budget limits are respected and compensated by creativity and dedication of the entire DOTTCOM team.

Frank Grunau

Chief Commercial Officer | Managing Director EMEA, OrthoAccel Technologies Germany GmbH

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I appreciate your talent and commitment. I especially appreciate your attention to listening: this is why I like working with you. Because there is no conflict of ideas but, on the contrary, sharing.
Federica Poidomani

General Manager, ICF Office SpA

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First of all – THANK YOU – for ALL of your personal efforts and your team’s efforts to assist us on such short notice and in the best possible way!!!

I appreciate the efforts, the quality and the talent behind the PEOPLE who come up with the ideas AND the EXECUTION! And… I feel that people deserve to be paid for those things. I think that your prices are reasonable and reflect the service and results.

Gil J Laks

CEO, Dental Couture

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What I very much appreciate of DOTTCOM is the helpfulness and great patience. They never make you feel you are late, or you’ve got it wrong, they’re always on the client’s side, even in the most critical phases of the job. They are very polite, not a foregone conclusion, they are precise and creative. You feel that the group is well built and well guided.

Cinzia Santini

Marketing Director, Intensiv SA

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Dear Mauro, I would like to thank you for the great attention you have given to my needs, and for your active listening to my peculiar characteristics. It is thanks to this positive, participatory and engaging attitude that it was possible to achieve a very good end result, in which I fully recognise myself.
Salvatore Di Salvo

Wealth Manager, Azimut Holding SpA

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Maybe” we’ve created the world’s first financial advisory brochure, and in Mauro I found empathy, personality, creativity, focus and excellence in detail. I am proud to have worked with you and your team!
Vincenza Belfiore

Wealth Manager - Head of Private Insurance Solutions, Azimut Holding SpA

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In 2015, the European Aligner Society set out on its goal to bring together all participants in the world of orthodontic Aligner therapy. EAS would not have taken the huge strides it has in just over 2 years without DOTTCOM, our dedicated website designer/host, promotional expert and Congress partner. DOTTCOM, you are the best!
Leslie Joffe

EAS CEO and Executive Secretary, EAS European Aligner Society

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After all, each agency has the clients it deserves.

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What can we do for you?

Giving value to a budget. That is creativity, too.