EAS Case Study

EAS, European Aligner Society, is a non-profit company that promotes the use of aligner therapy as a technique for teeth alignment across Europe.

The vision.

EAS was established in London in June 2015, thanks to the passion of a few professionals from different countries. DOTTCOM was involved ever since the first meeting in London as a communication consultant. At the time we presented a five-year development plan. The vision that we shared with the EAS board immediately hit the mark: inspired by the TED Conference, we imagined a Society for the diffusion of high level scientific knowledge, but in particular of the orthodontic technique.

Let’s start.

EAS can be actually considered a START-UP company. From a communication point of view, everything had to be designed, from brand identity to website, to a communication strategy that, in less than one year, would have brought no less than 200 members to the first EAS Congress, scheduled for February 2016.

But let’s proceed in the right order. First of all, the LOGO. The aligner has a main physical feature, its TRANSPARENCY, from which we were inspired. Additionally, we designed the “A” repetition as the main graphic element: this is to evoke the treatment of tooth alignment, which involves the progressive use of a certain number of aligners until the final goal is achieved.


The ONLINE communication strategy: website, social media, banners.

For a Society that addresses a European-wide TARGET, the EAS website was immediately set as the core of EAS communication. Both to present the CONGRESS, which is the most important event for EAS, and to allow the ONLINE subscription of new members. For this we created an E-COMMERCE and a customised EVENTS management system.

With the Facebook Page and specific banners, planned for the leading European websites in the sector, we successfully reached a wide audience across Europe.

Vienna 2016. The first congress.

The first congress was a great success. More than 300 delegates, in addition to a SOLD OUT in the area dedicated to SPONSORS and COMPANIES. DOTTCOM designed and managed all the communication of the event, from the ONLINE campaign to the design of the BADGE for delegates, to the photographic coverage of the event.

The Video Lectures. A bonus to renew membership.

At the end of the congress, we decided with the client, to produce a video for each SPEAKER that attended the congress, for a total of around 30 videos. Starting from the audio recording and the slideshow presentation of each professional.

LECTURES were offered free of charge, with a unique password, to all those who would renew their membership for the following year.

In addition to being in line with the philosophy of EAS, i.e. spreading knowledge, this was a BONUS highly appreciated by participating doctors.

Vienna 2017. The Aligner Lab.

After the success of the 2016 Congress, for the following year it was decided to organize a LAB, a series of workshops for a more practical approach to the orthodontic aligner methodology. We searched for a SPONSOR for each workshop, 10 in total, and we organised the event in the same location as the previous year.


The workshops all took place in one day, and all delegates attended the work sessions one after the other. 50 minutes of workshop and 10 minutes for a coffee break and to move from one room to the other.

In order to facilitate this last aspect, we designed a “coloured” map, available both on leaflets and on the badges themselves, to immediately understand the schedule and where to go.

Venice 2018. The second congress.

For the communication of the second EAS Congress we were inspired by Venice, the city that will host the event. We started with a TEASER message in September 2017 and, to date, we are working on the online campaign that, one month before the conference, has already given great results with more than 300 enrolled.

business card

In 2015, the European Aligner Society set out on its goal to bring together all participants in the world of orthodontic Aligner therapy. EAS would not have taken the huge strides it has in just over 2 years without DOTTCOM, our dedicated website designer/host, promotional expert and Congress partner. DOTTCOM, you are the best!

Leslie Joffe

EAS CEO and Executive Secretary, EAS European Aligner Society

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