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Every communication project is a story to tell. From website to brochure, from video to photography: we know the channels through which to spread your stories in the best possible way.

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Corporate Identity
Strategic Planning
Below the Line
Exhibition Design

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Corporate Video
Viral Video
Graphic Animation

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3D Rendering

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Website Design
Website Development
Social Media
Social Strategy

At the base of every story, there is an idea.

The idea is, of course, at the heart of a communication project. But the idea never comes by chance. You need a method; ours is a process of systematic creation, in subsequent phases, sometimes apparently not very creative, but essential to focus on the final goal: to understand the real protagonist of the story (be it a product, a person or a company).

Because only when we have fully understood who it is, or what it is, (the product, a company, the service) we can really think about how and where (paper, video or web) to communicate it, to finally focus on the final twist. THE IDEA.

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SCENE #1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

THE FIRST MEETING You will do the first part of our work, talking about yourself, your company and your objectives. You won’t talk to an account manager, but directly to the creatives, because there are things that can’t be summarized in a briefing document: often there are the details that stimulate the best ideas. Soon after the first meeting, we will present you with an economic offer and a production timing estimate.

SCENE #2. We learn your language.

LANGUAGE. As soon as our economic offer is accepted, let us begin. The first step is to look around. We carefully study what direct competitors do, both locally and on a GLOBAL level, for the largest ones.

This means learning the language of your own specific sector. If we don’t speak the same language, there is no communication.

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Let us say this. We are good at that. We learn so well that we have created two SPIN-OFF companies that operate independently in very specific sectors. At the base of the project we have the curiosity to discover new worlds and to never be satisfied.

Dentistry Marketing

Communication Services for the field of dentistry.


Personal Branding

Communication Services for the world of financial advisors.

Idea sketch

SCENE #3. Space for ideas.

IDEAS. Once we have taken up the language, we start to produce ideas. We won’t put forward a mountain of proposals to you: generally, no more than two or three.

This is because quantity often doesn’t help in the choice but, on the contrary, confuses even more. That’s why we present complementary proposals, which sometimes arise from the same idea but tell it in different languages.

SCENE #4. Feedback and approval.

PRODUCTION AND DELIVERY. We are creatives, not artists. This means that, despite our belief in our creative ideas, we are always ready to modify them until they satisfy the client 100%.

Be it the creation of a website, a video or a brochure, production is often a constructive ground for dialogue between us and you.

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I appreciate your talent and commitment. I especially appreciate your attention to listening: this is why I like working with you. Because there is no conflict of ideas but, on the contrary, sharing.

Federica Poidomani

General Manager, ICF Office SpA

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What they say about us.

When you look at our work, there is one thing we cannot show you. Client satisfaction.

DOTTCOM is a shining example of an agency that is able to reflect professionally on customer ideas and needs. These are “heard and recognized”, and creatively converted into great results. Existing budget limits are respected and compensated by creativity and dedication of the entire DOTTCOM team.

Frank Grunau

Chief Commercial Officer | Managing Director EMEA, OrthoAccel Technologies Germany GmbH

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